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Pescorocchiano is a comune in the Province of Rieti in the Italian region of Latium, located about 60 kilometres northeast of Rome and about 30 kilometres southeast of Rieti. Pescorocchiano borders the following municipalities: Borgorose, Carsoli

Brothers active in Nersae


Mithraic monuments of Nersae


Taurcotony of Nesce

The relief of Mithras slaying the bull of Nersae includes several episodes from the exploits of the solar god.



Inscription of Apronianus to the res publica of the Aequiculi

This inscription to Mithras Invencible was dedicated by a certain Apronianus in 172 is currently lost.



Inscription of Apronianus of Nesce

The dedicator of this monument is also known for having made a tauroctonic relief in Nesce.


Inscriptions of Nersae

Apronianus rei p(ublicae) ark(arius) sua pecunia fecit.
Apronianus, public treasurer, at his own expense made.

Taurcotony of Nesce

Invicto Mithrae / Apronianus arkar(ius) / rei p(ublicae) d(onum) d(edit). / Dedicatum VII kal(endas) Iul(ias) / Maximo et Orfito co(n)s(ulibus) / per C. Arennium Rea/tinum patrem.
To the unconquered Mithras. The public treasurer Apronianus gave as a gift. Dedicated on the 25th of June, in the year of the consules Maximus and Orfitus, under the office of the pater Caius Arennius Reatinus.

Inscription of Apronianus to the res publica of the Aequiculi

. . spelaeu]m Solis invic[ti / Mithrae pro salut]e ordinis et pop[uli / Apronianus arka]rius rei p(ublicae) vetustate [collap]sum / [perm(issu) ordin(is) de] sua pecunia restit[uit].
… cave of the Unconquered Sun Mithras, for the welfare of the order and the people. Apronianus, treasurer of the republic, restored [it] which had collapsed from old age, with the permission of the order, from his own funds.

Inscription of Apronianus of Nesce