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Sisak is a city in central Croatia, spanning the confluence of the Kupa, Sava and Odra rivers, 57 km southeast of the Croatian capital Zagreb, and is usually considered to be where the Posavina begins, with an elevation of 99 m.

Mithraic monuments of Siscia


Tauroctony of Sisak

The relief of Mithras slaying the bull of Sisak includes the zodiac and multiple scenes from the myth of Mithras.

CIMRM 1472


Bronze plaque of Sisak

This small bronze tabula ansata was dedicated to Mithras by two brothers, probably not related by blood.

CIMRM 1477


Cautes of Sisak

This marble relief of Cautes was found in 1863 in Sisak, Croatia.

CIMRM 1473

Inscriptions of Siscia

D(eo) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / Aurelius Heraclides / et Agathopus fra/tres v(otum) s(olverunt) l(ibentes) m(erito).
To the invincible god Mithras, Aurelius Heraclides and Agathopus, brothers, have fulfilled a vow willingly and deservedly.

Bronze plaque of Sisak

Urbicus / Sisci/ano/rum.

Cautes of Sisak