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Monuments of Croatia

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras from Croatia.

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  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Močići

    The Mithraeum of Mocici was situated in a grotto at one hour's walk fomr the ancient Epidaurum.

    TNMM58 – CIMRM 1882

    From Croatia

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony relief from Crikvine

    This relief of Mithras killing the sacred bull was found in 1908 near Klisa, in the surroundings of Salona, the ancient capital of Roman Dalmatia.

    TNMM591 – CIMRM 1871

    From Croatia

  • Monumentum

    Mithraic exvoto of Dalmatia

    The altar that now stands in Split was dedicated to Invincible Mithras for the health of a dear friend.

    TNMM396 – CIMRM 1873

    From Croatia

    D(eo) inv(icto) Mlithrael / L(ucius) Corn(elius) Apalaus/tus pro s(atute) M(arci) Vivi / Cresti amic(i) kariss(imi) / ex voto p(osuit).
  • Monumentum

    Mithraic meal from Proložac, Croatia

    Mithras and Sol share a sacred meal accompanied by Cautes and Cautopates on a relief found in a cemetery from Croatia.


    From Croatia

    Invicto Mithre Stati(i) ursus / et Ursinus pat(er) et fil(ius) v(otum) l(ibentes) p(osuerunt).
  • Monumentum

    Bronze plaque of Sisak

    This small bronze tabula ansata was dedicated to Mithras by two brothers, probably not related by blood.

    TNMM397 – CIMRM 1477

    From Croatia

    D(eo) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / Aurelius Heraclides / et Agathopus fra/tres v(otum) s(olverunt) l(ibentes) m(erito).
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Senj made by the slave Hermes

    The dedicator of this altar was a slave in the service of a high official, the prefect Gaius Antonius Rufus, known from other inscriptions.

    TNMM402 – CIMRM 1846

    From Croatia

    I(nvicto) M(ithrae) / spelaeum cum / omne impen/sa Hermes C(aii) / Antoni(i) Rufi / praef(ecti) veh(iculorum) et / cond(uctoris) p(ublici) p(ortorii)/ ser(vus) vilic(us) Fortu/nat(us or -ianus) fecit.
  • Monumentum

    Round Tauroctony of Split

    The round relief of Mithras killing the bull of Split is surrounded by a circle with Sun, Moon, Saturn and some unusual animals.

    TNMM367 – CIMRM 1861

    From Croatia

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Sisak

    The relief of Mithras slaying the bull of Sisak includes the zodiac and multiple scenes from the myth of Mithras.

    TNMM366 – CIMRM 1472

    From Croatia

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Zadar

    The relief of Mithras killing the bull of Zadar includes a naked Sol in a quadriga.

    TNMM239 – CIMRM 1879