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Titus Lepidius Honorinus

One of the lions of Carsuale who funded the leonteum.

  • Plaque from Umbria

    Plaque from Umbria
    Les cultes de Mithra dans l'Empire Romain 

of Titus Lepidius Honorinus

TNMP 105

We know very little about Titus Lepidius Honorinus, except that he was one of the syndexioi of the Mitreo di Carsuale, who, with his fellow lions, financed the leonteum of his community, under the direction of Egnatius Reparatus, the legitimate priest.



Inscription on a leonteum of Umbria

TNMM 483

This plaque from Carsulae, in Umbria, refers to the creation of a leonteum erected by the lions at their own expense.

Leonteum cum signo et cetero cultu exornatum / ex permissu sanctissimi ordinis ex pec(unia) sua / a solo fecerunt leones, consummati ab Egnatio Re/parato sacerdote legit(imo) et collatore, T(itus) Lepidius Ho/norinus Alexander et Amicus circ(itores) Aug(usti) n(ostri), L(ucii duo) Vicri(i) Severus / et Speratus, T(itus) Satronius Sabinianus, P(ublius) Vatinius Tustus, L(ucius) Tulius / Felix, L(ucius) Longinius Stachys faber de (sestertiis quinque) m(ilibus) n(ummum). L(ocus) d(atus) d(ecurionum) d(ecreto).
The leonteum, adorned with a statue and other cultic elements, with the permission of the most sacred municipal ordo, the Lions erected it at their own expense from the ground, they who were initiated (consummati) by Egnatius Reparatus, legitimate priest (legitimus) and contributor: Titus Lepidius Honorinus, Alexander and Amicus, imperial (slaves), guardians, the two Lucii Vicrii, Severus and Speratus, Titus Satronius Sabinianus, Publius Vatinius Iustus, Lucius Tulius Felix, Lucius Longinius Stachys, craftsman, for a sum of 5,000 sesterces. Location given by decree of the decurions.



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