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Colonia Iulia Aemona

Emona or Aemona was a Roman castrum, located in the area where the navigable Nauportus River came closest to Castle Hill, serving the trade between the city’s settlers – colonists from the northern part of Roman Italy – and the rest of the empire.

Brothers active in Emona


Mithraic monuments of Emona


Inscription to Mithras and Silvanus from Ljubljana

A certain Blastia or Blastianus made a dedication to Mithras and Silvanus on an altar in Emona, Pannonia.

CIMRM 1463

Inscriptions of Emona

D(eo) i(invicto) M(ithrae) / Silvano Augusto / sac(rum). Blastia / C(-?-) E(-?-) B(-?-) [---].
Dedicated to the invincible god Mithra, to Silvanus Augustus. Blastia[---].

Inscription to Mithras and Silvanus from Ljubljana