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Aurelius Iustinianus

Dux of Pannonia Prima et Noricum Ripense, he built a mithraeum in Poetovio.

of Aurelius Iustinianus

TNMP 220

In Poetovio, in Pannonia Superior, at the beginning of the 4th century, the dux of Pannonia Prima et Noricum Ripense left us this inscription, in which he claims to have built a temple to Sol invictus Mithras. The temple has survived to the present day under the name of Mithraeum IV de Ptuj.


Inscription of Aurelius Iustinianus from Ptuj

This inscription belongs to the 4th mithraeum found in the modern town of Ptuj.

TNMM 644

Templum / dei{i} Sol(is) Inv(icti) Mit(hrae) / Aure[l(ius)] Iusti/nianus v(ir) p(erfectissimus) / dux labefa/ctatum re/stituit.
The temple of the invincible Sol god Mithras, which had collapsed, was restored by Aurelius Iustinianus, perfectissime, dux.



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