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Hyacinthus, like Hermadio, seems to have been one of the profets of Mithraism in the Dacian region.

  • Mithraeum I of Ptuj, general view

    Mithraeum I of Ptuj, general view
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of Hyacinthus

TNMP 188

At Poetovio in the 1st sanctuary we find an inscription which commemorates a deceased member, Hyacinthus (CIMRM,1501-3). Together with Hermadio, this Hyacinthus seems to have been a “founder” of the sanctuary or of the community, one of the first messengers of Mithras in the city, later becoming an example for the entire community. The patrons who enfranchised the slaves, who subsequently adhered to the faith of the first, probably played an important role as well (the case of Caius Iulius Victorinus from Aquincum who had several Mithraic liberti).

—Szabó (2013) Microregional Manifestation of a Private Cult



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