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Scrutator of the customs of the Poetovio station.

  • Mithraeum I of Ptuj, general view

    Mithraeum I of Ptuj, general view
    Visit Ptuj 

  • Altar from Ptuj (left side)

    Altar from Ptuj (left side)
    Ortolf Harl via 



His community
at Mithraeum of Ptuj I


Other brothers from Poetovio


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Altar with inscription and symbolic figures from Ptuj

This altar from Ptuj, present-day Poetovio, is decorated with various Mithraic animals such as a tortoise, a cock and a crow and other objects.

Invict(o) Mithrae / et Transitu dei / Theodorus p(ublici) p(ortorii) / scrut(ator) stat(ionis) Poet(ovionensis) / ex visu
To the invincible Mithras and for the passage (transitus) of the god, Theodorus, scrutator of the customs of the Poetovio station, following a vision

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