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Publius Acilius Pisonianus

Pater patratus, he financed the restoration of a Mithraeum in Milan.

  • Stele of Marcus from Milan

    Stele of Marcus from Milan

of Publius Acilius Pisonianus

TNMP 223

The evergete who financed the restoration of the speleum had the title of pater patratus ('confirmed', 'legitimate'), which is also attested, probably in a Mithraic context, at San Juan de Isla in Asturias (CIMRM 803). Originally, this title belonged to the head of the feudal priests, who was responsible for declaring war in accordance with the rules, but also for taking the oath, as in the pact between the Romans and the Albanians (Tite Live, I, 24). It is perhaps for the latter reason that this traditional Roman title was introduced into the Roman cults of Mithras, the god of oaths, thus marking the correspondence between the social values of this Milanese community and those of the Roman people. The generous donor acts – and finances – as a patron recognised by the group he leads.



Stele of Acilius Pisonianus from Milan

TNMM 650

This high stele by a certain Acilius Pisonianus bears an inscription commemorating the restoration of a Mithraeum in Mediolanum, today's Milan.

D(eo) S(oli) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / P(ublius) Acil(ius) Piso/nianus pater / patratus qui / hoc speleum / vi{i} ignis ab/sumtum com/parata area a re-/publ(ica) Mediol(anensi) / pecunia sua / restituit.
To the invincible Sol god Mithras, Publius Acilius Pisonianus, pater patratus, who at his own expense restored this speleum, which had been completely destroyed by the violent fire, the site having been repaired thanks to the public funds of the Mediolanenses.



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