Titus Flavius Hyginus Ephebianus

Freedman who dedicated the first monument mentioning a Pater.



  • Titus Flavius Hyginus Ephebianus was a brother.
  • Active circa late 1st century in Roma, Latium (Italia).
He was a slave of a certain Ephebianus (hence his agnomen), before entering the familia Caesaris and being freed by one of the Flavians.

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Inscription of Santi Marcellino e Pietro al Laterano

This inscription mentions a Pater for the first known time.

Soli / invicto Mithrae / T. Flavius Aug(usti) lib(ertus) Hyginus / Ephebianus / d(onum) d(edit).

Ἡλίῳ Μίθραι / Τ(ίτος) Φλάουιος Ὑγεῖος / διὰ Λολλίου Ρούφου / πατρὸς ἰδίου.
To Sol invincible Mithras, Titus Flavius Hyginus Ephebianus, freedman of the emperor, offered as a gift.

To Sol Mithras, Titus Flavius Hyginus, through Lollius Rufus, his pater.

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