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  • Syndexios


    Slave who dedicated an altar to Nabarze in the Mithraeum of Sarmizegetusa.
  • Syndexios

    Gaius Sacidius Barbarus

    Centurion who dedicated the first known Latin inscription to the invincible Mithras.
  • Syndexios

    Titus Aurelius Marcus

    Veteran of the legion XIII and member of the Fabia tribe.
  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Dioscorus

    One of the three known inscriptions of Dioscorus, servant of Marci, found in Alba Iulia, Romania.


    Invicto / Mythrae / Diosco/rus Marci / v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) m(erito).
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Dragus

    The tauroctonic relief from Dragus includes a naked flying figure that Vermaseren has identified as Phosporus or Lucifer.

    TNMM310 – CIMRM 1919

  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Sarmizegetusa

    The large number of monuments found at the Mithraeum of Sarmizegetusa and the sheer size of the temple are unusual.

    TNMM57 – CIMRM 2027, 2033

  • Syndexios


    Dedicated a stele in Nicopolis ad Istrum.
  • Syndexios

    Aurelios Markos

    Dedicated a stele in Nicopolis ad Istrum, previously dedicated by a certain Galerios.
  • Monumentum

    Mithras Petrogenitus of Alba Iulia

    Mithras born from the rock with a snake raising in coils around it.

    TNMM213 – CIMRM 1991