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  • Liber

    Pensées (1947)

    Les Pensées pour moi-même ont été rédigées en grec par l’empereur romain Marc-Aurèle, entre 170 et 180 ap. J.C., souvent pendant ses campagnes militaires. Elles étaient à l’origine destinées à être détruites à la mort de son auteur. Mais…
  • Syndexios

    Lucius Antonius Menander

    He was from Aphrodisias in Caria, where he erected a relief depicting Mithras killing the bull.
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Senj made by the slave Hermes

    The dedicator of this altar was a slave in the service of a high official, the prefect Gaius Antonius Rufus, known from other inscriptions.

    TNMM402 – CIMRM 1846

    I(nvicto) M(ithrae) / spelaeum cum / omne impen/sa Hermes C(aii) / Antoni(i) Rufi / praef(ecti) veh(iculorum) et / cond(uctoris) p(ublici) p(ortorii)/ ser(vus) vilic(us) Fortu/nat(us or -ianus) fecit.
  • Syndexios


    Roman emperor, son of the emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius.
  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum II of Aquincum in Victorinus’s house

    This temple of Mithras in Aquincum was located within the private house of the decurio Marcus Antonius Victorinus.

    TNMM84 – CIMRM 1750, 1751

  • Monumentum

    Inscription on the restoration of the Mithraeum of Dura Europos

    Antonius Valentinus, centurio, made this plaque for the salut des empereurs Septimus Severus and Marcus Aurelius.

    TNMM454 – CIMRM 53

    Pro sal(ute) et incol(umitate) d(ominorum) / n(ostrorum) imp(eratorum) L. Sep(timi) Severi pii / Pert(inacis) et M. Aurel(i) Aritonini [ [ et L. Sept(imi) Geta[e] ] ] / Aug(ustorum) tem/plum dei Solis…
  • Syndexios

    Marcus Antonius Victorinus

    A powerful and wealthy man, founder of a mithraeum in the city of Aquincum of which he was the mayor.
  • Liber

    The Mithraic Prophecy (2022)

    Why did the Romans worship a Persian god? This book presents a new reading of the Mithraic iconography taking into account that the cult had a prophecy.
  • Monumentum

    Denarius depicting Mithras rock-birth of St. Albans

    The mithraic denarius of St. Albans dates from the 2nd century.

    TNMM314 – CIMRM 827

  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Aurelius Mithres

    This monument, found in the Domus Flavia in Rome, bears an inscription by a certain Aurelius Mithres.


    [Aurel]ius / Mithres / Aug(usti) l(ibertus) strator / Serapi d(onum) d(edit).