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Acta diurna

Daily Gazette

Acta diurna is our Mithraic social stream for keeping up to date with what is happening in The New Mithraeum.

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Apr 2024

Soy Dra. en Filosofía y Letras por la Universidad de Alicante.
He escrito un libro sobre Mitra denominado "Los templos del dios Mitra en el Imperio romano".

Apr 2024

Re-interpreting the Mysteries of Mithras

Ernest Renan suggested that without the rise of Christianity, we might all have embraced the cult of Mithras. Nevertheless, it has had a lasting influence on secret societies, religious movements and popular culture.

Apr 2024

Mithras és misztériumai I-II

Born in the mists of history, Mithras, the deity of light, known for at least 3,500 years and still revered today, has appeared in different ages, religions and forms. This volume explores the sources of the god's history, with a focus on the Roman myths …

Mar 2024

Habesne paululum temporis?

Mar 2024

Society of Iranologists, Mythology, Department Member.

Mar 2024

Thanks for sharing such an important piece of information.

Mar 2024

Los templos del dios Mitra en el Imperio romano

Este es un libro que pretende esbozar un panorama general de los documentos mitraicos repartidos a lo largo del Imperio romano.