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Pattie L

Morristown, United States of America
Joined January 2021
Dec 2022

We totally need a picture of this. Who's in the area? ;-)

In Monumentum

Mithréum de Vienne

Emperor Julian may have been initiated into the cult of the god Mithras at the Mithraeum of Vienne, France, according to Turcan.

Oct 2022

As of 2022 this piece is currently NOT on display.

In Monumentum

Tauroctony on display in Boston

This fragmentary relief depicts Mithras killing the bull in the usual manner, remarkably dressed in oriental attire.

Sep 2022

Where does the nightingale description come from? TIA.

In Monumentum

Mithraic brooch of Ostia

In the Mithraic bronze brooch found in Ostia, Cautes and Cautopates have been replaced by a nightingale and a cock.

Aug 2021

??? Is this an actual mithraeum?

It was, Pattie. It no longer exists…
In Monumentum

Mitreo d'Orazio Muti

This Mithraic temple, now disappeared, is known thanks to the numerous remains recorded since 1594 in the 'Memorie di varie antichità trovate in diversi luoghi della città di Roma'.

Aug 2021

I appreciate this article as it spawned and actual (gasp!) conversation on the facebook group. Mithraists are such a secretive bunch. ;-) There were a few bits I didn't agree with, but in the main, I too feel that when Mithras could no longer command the members it once had, it simply changed its outward appearance and kept going as the Masons. A fresh coat of paint, a change of clothes, and TA DA! Easy peasy.

Pattie, you and I need to talk about those bits one of these days. I'd be glad to know more about them.
In Notitia

From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas

Twelve centuries separate the decline of Roman Mithraism from the dawn of Freemasonry. Twelve centuries during which the mysteries of Mithras have remained more secret than ever.

May 2021

Interesting that the couch's covering isn't recognizable as the slain bull, though I'm not sure I would blame the artist's lack of skill for the omission. Someone had to be directing the artist, as it's REALLY unlikely that every piece of Mithraic art had a single point of origin that every subsequent artist drew upon. Instead, let's think of the decorative stripes as an elaborate dorsuale. ;-)

I am glad the snake got an invitation to the feast.

In Monumentum

Triptic of Tróia

The remains of the mithraic triptic of Tróia, Lusitania, were part of a bigger composition.

Jan 2021