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Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium

Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, usually just called Colonia, was the Roman settlement in the Rhineland that became the modern city of Cologne, now in Germany. It was the capital of Germania Inferior and the military headquarters of the region.

Mithraic monuments of Colonia


Mithräum I von Köln

The Mithraeum I of Cologne is situated amid a block of buildings. It was impossible to narrowly determine its construction and lay-out.

CIMRM 1018


Mithräum II von Köln

A second Mithraeum was found in Cologne described by R. L. Grodon as of ’small importance’.


Cultic mithraic vase of Zeughausstraße

The Mithraic vase from Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium in Germany includes Sol-Mithras between Cautes and Cautopates, as well as a serpent, a lion and seven stars.

CIMRM 1020


Inscription to Mithras by Claudius Romanius from Köln

Votive inscription dedicated to Mithras by the veteran soldier Tiberius Claudius Romanius, from the Mithraeum II Köln, 3rd century.


Inscription of Cimber and Exsocho from Cologne

This monument with an inscription by two individuals was found in the first mithraeum of Cologne, Germany.

CIMRM 1021


Head of Mithras of Cologne

This marble head of Mithras was found in the Luxemburgerstrasze in Cologne, Germany.

CIMRM 1022


Petrogeny with a sheaf of wheat of Cologne

In this relief of the rock birth of Mithras, the child sun god holds a bundle of wheat in his left hand instead of the usual torch.


Altar to Semele from Cologne

This sandstone altar found in Cologne bears an inscription to the goddess Semele and her sisters.

CIMRM 1027

Inscriptions of Colonia

D(eo) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) S(oli) s(ocio) / Tiberius Cl(audius) / Romaniu[s] / veteranu[s] / l(ibens) m(erito).
To the invincible sun god Mithras, ally of sol, Tiberius Claudius Romanius, veteran, willingly and deservedly.

Inscription to Mithras by Claudius Romanius from Köln

Have / Cimber es(sedarius) et / Pietas Ensocho / essed(ario) sodali / [b]ene merenti / [pos]uit. Vale.

{H}Ave / Cimber es(sedarius) et / Pietas Exsocho / essed(ario) sodali / [be]ne merenti / [pos]uit(!) val(e) // Cor(a)x.

Cor(a)x // Have / Cimber es(sedarius) et / Pietas Exsocho(!) / essed(ario) sodali / [be]ne merent[i] / [pos]uit(!) val(e).
Hail. Cimber, the charioteer, and Pietas have erected (this monument) for Exsocho, a fellow charioteer, deserving of honor. Farewell.

Inscription of Cimber and Exsocho from Cologne

Deae Semelae et / sororibus eiius(!) / deabus ob honorem / sacri matratus / Reginia Paterna / mater nata et / facta aram po/suit / sub sacerdotal(i) / Seranio Catullo / patre.
To the goddess Semele and her sister goddesses, for the honor of the sacred office of matron, Reginia Paterna, both born a mother and made, placed this altar under the priesthood of Seranius Catullus, Pater.

Altar to Semele from Cologne