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Mithräum von Heddernheim

Since 1826, four mithraea have been found at Nida-Heddernhein.
7 May 2010
  • Tauroctonia del Mitreo de Heddernheim

    Tauroctonia del Mitreo de Heddernheim
    dierk schaefer 

  • Front view

    Front view 

  • Rear view

    Rear view 

  • Pivoting view

    Pivoting view
    Demasy Roger 

  • Frontal view from Aion of Heddernheim

    Frontal view from Aion of Heddernheim


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Since January 1826, there have been four mithraea found at Nida-Heddernheim which is located in a section of the city of Frankfurt am Main. The excavation of the first mithraeum was made by Friedrich Gustav Habel. The major finds included a two sided cult relief that was on a pivot at the top and a socket at the bottom. The tauroctony is on the front side and shows Mithras slaying the bull.This is the best known tauroctony and is published in most books on Mithras. On the reverse side, Mithras and Sol are engaged in the communion feast. Sol is offering Mithras grapes.

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Tauroctony from the Mithräum von Heddernheim

This relief is so well-known that it has been reproduced in nearly every handbook of archaeology and of history of religions.


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