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Aurelius Hermodorus

Praeses of the Noric Mediterranean province, of equestrian rank, restaured the Mithraeum of Virunum in 311.

  • Mithraic inscription of Aurelius Hermodorus

    Mithraic inscription of Aurelius Hermodorus
    The New Mithraeum / Andreu Abuín (CC BY-NC-SA) 

Biography of Aurelius Hermodorus


Inscription of the praeses Aurelius Hermodorus

This marble gives some details of the reconstruction of the Virunum Mithraeum.

D(eo) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) templum vetusta(te) / conlabsum quot (sic) fuit / per annos amplius / L desertum, Aur(elius) / Hermodorus v(ir) p(erfectissimus) pr(aeses) pr(ovinciae) N(orici) / M(edi)t(erranei) a novo restitui fecit. / Quot edificatum est divo / Maximiano VIII et Maximino it(e)r(um) / A(u)gg(ustis) con(sulibus) Quar (tinio) Ursiniano cur (ante).
To the invincible god Mithras. This temple that collapsed because of age, which was abandoned for more than 50 years, Aurelius Hermodorus, a most perfect man, governor of the province of Mediterranean Noricum, restored from scratch. This construction was done during the eighth consulship of the divine Maximianus Augustus and second consulship of Maximinus Augustus, with Quartinius Ursinianus overseeing the work.



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