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Monuments tagged with baculum

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras and tagged with baculum.

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  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Osterburken

    Franz Cumont considers the bas relief of Osterburken 'the most remarkable of all the monuments of the cult of Mithras found up to now'.

    TNMM176 CIMRM 1292, 1293

    From Germany

    D[eo] S[oli] I[nvicto] M[ithrae] M[er?]catorius Castrensis in suo cons[ituit]
  • Monumentum

    Relief of Aion-Phanes

    The Aion / Phanes relief, currently on display in the Gallerie Estensi, Moneda, is associated with two Eastern mysteric religions: Mithraism and Orphism.

    TNMM327 CIMRM 695, 696

    From Italy

    Euphrosy/n[e] et Felix. P(ecunia) p(osuit) / Felix pater.
  • Monumentum

    Frescoes with standing figures of Mitreo delle Pareti Dipinte

    The frescoes depict several figures dressed in different garments associated with the Mithraic degrees.

    TNMM104 CIMRM 268

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Neuenheim

    The Tauroctony relief of Neuenheim, Heidelberg, includes several scenes from the deeds of Mithras and other gods.

    TNMM205 CIMRM 1283

    From Germany

  • Monumentum

    Relief of Mithras, Shapur II and Ardashit II

    This monument depicts Mihr/Mithras watching over the transition of power from Shapur II to Ardashit II, which took place in 379.


    From Iran

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Mitreo Fagan

    The marble Aion from the lost Mithraeum Fagan, Ostia, now presides the entrance to the Vatican Library.

    TNMM116 CIMRM 312, 313

    From Italy

    C. Valeri/us Heracles pat(er) / et C(aii) Valerii / Vitalis et Nico/mes sacerdo/tes s(ua) p(e)c(unia) p(o)s(ue)r(unt). / D(e)d(icatum) idi(bus) aug(ustis) im(peratore) / Com(odo) / VI et /...
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Kalkar

    This altar found at ancient Burginatum is the northernmost in situ Mithraic find on the continent.


    From Germany

    D(eo) I(nvicto) I(mperatori) / Ulp(ius) ( Am(---) · ( p(ater) / s(acrorum) aes · ex ius-su · ip·sius
  • Monumentum

    Frescoes of 'Magis' from Dura Europos

    Some scholars have speculated that the scrolls both figures hold in their hands represent Eastern doctrines brought to the Western world.

    TNMM372 CIMRM 44

    From Syria

  • Monumentum

    Relief of Aion on globe

    The lion-headed god is standing on a globe encicled by two crossed bands on which five pearls.

    TNMM322 CIMRM 543

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Sarrebourg

    The Tauroctony of Saarbourg (Sarrebourg, ancient Pons Sarravi), France, contains most of Mithras deeds known in a single relief.

    TNMM114 CIMRM 966, 967

    From France

    In h(onorem) d(omus) d(ivinae) deo inv[ict]o Marceleus Marianus / d(e) / s(uo) p(osuit)