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Gaius Curius Avitus

  • Vista interior de la Casa del Mitreo

    Vista interior de la Casa del Mitreo 

  • Cautopates of Mérida

    Cautopates of Mérida
    The New Mithraeum / Olivier-Antoine Reÿnès (CC BY-NC-SA) 


Biography of Gaius Curius Avitus

Caius Curius Avitus financed the Cautopates with a dolphin found at the Casa del Mitreo in Merida when Accius Hedychrus was Pater. The sculpture was made by a greek named Demetros.

His community
in Casa del Mitreo de Mérida



Cautopates from Casa del Mitreo of Mérida

The sculpture of the solar god is signed by its author, Demetrios.

Invicto sacrum C. Curius Avitus / Acci(o) Hedychro pa(tre).
Δημήτριος ἐποίει
Dedicated to the invincible. Caius Curius Avitus, Accius Hedychrus being Father.
Demetros made it.

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Published on 29 Jan 2022



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