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Marcus Valerius Secundus

Frumentarius of the VII Geminian Legion

  • Vista interior de la Casa del Mitreo

    Vista interior de la Casa del Mitreo 

  • Altar by Marcus Valerius Secundus of Merida

    Altar by Marcus Valerius Secundus of Merida
    The New Mithraeum / Olivier-Antoine Reÿnès (CC BY-SA) 



His community
at Casa del Mitreo de Mérida


Mentioned in

Altar of Merida consecrated by Marcus Valerius Secundus

This altar is dedicated to the birth of Mithras by a frumentarius of the Legio VII Geminae.

Ann(o) Col(oniae) CLXXX / aram genesis / Inuicti Mithrae / M(arcus) Val(erius) Secundus / fr(umentarius) Leg(ionis) VII Gem(inae) dono / ponendam merito curauit / G(aio) Accio Hedychro patre
In the year 180 of the Colony, Marcus Valerius Secundus, frumentarius of the Legion VII Gemina, took care of placing the altar of the birth of the Invictus Mithras, as a due offering, being pater Gaius Accius Hedychrus

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