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Cnaeus Arrius Claudianus

Libertus from the Arrii-family to which also belonged the Emperor Antonius Pius.

  • Interior view of the Mithraeum of San Clemente.

    Interior view of the Mithraeum of San Clemente. 

  • Altar of Mithraeum San Clemente

    Altar of Mithraeum San Clemente 

of Cnaeus Arrius Claudianus


Claudianus is a libertus or descends from the Arrii-family, to which belonged also the Emperor Antoninus Pius of mother's side. 'Si Claudianus n'a pas dû son nom illustre à un affranchissement, on supposera avec une grande vraisemblance que le gens Arria possedait sous les Antonins la maison de l'époque d'Auguste' (Cumont). Dr C. C. van Essen however, draws my attention to the fact that the house was built on the layers of the fire of Nero.

—Vermaseren. CIMRM



Altar from Mitreo di San Clemente

TNMM 469

The altar of the Mithraeum of San Clemente bears the Tauroctony on the front, Cautes and Cautopates on the right and left sides and a serpent on the back.

Cn(aeus) Arrius Claudianus / pater posuit.
Pater Cnaeus Arrius Claudianus placed.



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