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Marcus Modius Agatho

Agatho has dedicated several monuments to Mithras in the Coelian Hill.

  • Fragments of a Mithraic relief.

    Fragments of a Mithraic relief.


of Agatho

TNMP 192

Several fragmentary bas-reliefs were found in Rome, on the Caelius, near the church of Santa Maria in Domnica, during excavations carried out by the Altieri family in the mid-sixteenth century.

They all seem to have been dedicated by the same man, Marcus Modius Agatho, who was probably a freedman of a certain Faustus.



Fragments of a Mithriac relief with Jupiter and Sol

TNMM 594

These three fragments of carved marble depict Jupiter, Sol, Luna and a naked man wearing a Phrygian cap, with inscriptions calling Mithras Sanctus Dominum.

[Domi]no sanct[o / o]ptimo maxim[o / sa]lutari iussu eius / libens dedit / [M(arcus)] Modius Ag/[atho] cum / [suis pro Faus]to / pat[rono].

Dedit M. Modius [Agatho] / sancto domino / invicto Mithrae / iussu eius libens / dedit.

[Lunae... / M.] M[od]/ius [Aga]/tho [cum] / suis permissu .....
To the saint invincible master Mithras, at his behest, [Marcus Modius Agatho] has willingly dedicated this.

M. Modius [Agatho] gave willingly to the holy master Unconquered Mithras, at his behest.

Relief of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva

TNMM 597

This marble relief bears an inscription by Marcus Modius Agatho, who dedicated several monuments to Mithras on the Caelian Hill in Rome.

Opt[i]mus maximus / Caelus aeternus Iup[i]/ter Iunoni Reginae / Minervae iussus liben[s] / dedit pro salutem suam / M(arcus) Modius Agatho et pr[o] / Fausti patroni hominis s(ancti?) / et Helpidis suae s(anctae?) cum s[uis].
Jupiter Optimus Maximus Caelus Aeternus, with Juno regina and Minerva. Marcus Modius Agatho gave [this monument] gladly, as ordered, for his safety, and for the safety of Faustuts, the most benign patronus, and of Helpidius and of his familiars.



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