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Mediolanum, the ancient city where Milan now stands, was originally an Insubrian city, but afterwards became an important Roman city in northern Italy. During the Principate the population was 40,000 in AD 200; when the city became capital of the Wes
Slab of the astrologer Maximus

Slab of the astrologer Maximus
Clauss (2021) 

Brothers active in Mediolanum


Mithraic monuments of Mediolanum


Slab of the astrologer Maximus of Milan

Marcus Valerius Maximus records in this inscription his knowledge of astrology as well as the name of his wife.


Inscriptions of Mediolanum

M(arcus) Valeri[us] / Maximu[s] / sacerdo[s] / d(ei) S(olis) i(nvicti) M(ithrae) / stu[di(osus)] / astrologia[e] / sibi et / Severiae Apr[.] / uxori. / H(oc) m(onumentum) h(eredes) n(on) [s(equetur)].
Marcus Valerius Maximus, priest of the invincible sun god Mithras, scholar of astrology, for himself and his wife Severia Apr[---]. This monument is not part of the heritage.

Slab of the astrologer Maximus of Milan