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The New Mithraeum Database tagged with aion

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras and tagged with aion.

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  • Monumentum

    Aion of Vienne

    The relief of Aion from Vienne includes a naked youth in Phrygian cap holding the reins of a horse.

    TNMM265 – CIMRM 902

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Arles

    The Aion of Arles includes nine signs of the zodiac in three groups of three, between the spirals of the serpent.

    TNMM148 – CIMRM 879

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Oxyrhynchus

    According to Pettazzoni Aion in general finds its iconographical origin in Egypt. Mithras must have been worshipped in Egypt in the third century B.C.

    TNMM271 – CIMRM 103

  • Monumentum

    Lion-headed Aion from Sidon

    The controversial Italian journalist Edmon Durighello discovered this marble statue of a young naked Aion in 1887.

    TNMM157 – CIMRM 78, 79

    Φλ. Γερόντιος, πατὴρ νόμιμος, ἀνεϑέμην τῷ φ̕ ἔτι.
  • Monumentum

    Aion fresco of Caputa Vetere

    Minto has claimed that the time god Aion was painted on the corner of the north wall of the Mitreo de Santa Capua Vetere.

    TNMM735 – CIMRM 185

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Mitreo Fagan

    The marble Aion from the lost Mithraeum Fagan, Ostia, now presides the entrance to the Vatican Library.

    TNMM116 – CIMRM 312, 313

    C. Valeri/us Heracles pat(er) / et C(aii) Valerii / Vitalis et Nico/mes sacerdo/tes s(ua) p(e)c(unia) p(o)s(ue)r(unt). / D(e)d(icatum) idi(bus) aug(ustis) im(peratore) / Com(odo) / VI et / Septi/miano…
  • Monumentum

    Aion of Mérida

    The Aion-Chronos of Mérida was found near the bullring of the current city, once capital of the Roman province Hispania Ulterior.

    TNMM181 – CIMRM 777

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Florence

    The sculpture of Aion from Florence, Italy, has the usual serpent, coiled six times on its body, whose head rests on that of the god of eternal time.

    TNMM330 – CIMRM 665

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Villa Albani

    White marble statue of Lion-head god of time, formerly in the Villa Albani, nowadays in the Musei Vaticani.

    TNMM123 – CIMRM 545

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Hedderneheim

    The lion-headed statue of Hedderneheim is a reconstruction from fragments of two different sculptures.

    TNMM238 – CIMRM 1138