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Monuments tagged with taurus

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras and tagged with taurus.

Your search taurus in monuments gave 135 results.

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  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony relief from Fleischmann Collection

    This relief of Mithras killing the bull includes an unusual owl at the feet of Cautopates and a cock next to Cautes.


  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Santo Stefano Rotondo

    The relief of Mithras killing the bull of Stefano Rotodon preserves part of his polycromy and depicts two unusual figures: Hesperus and an owl.


    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Neuenheim

    The Tauroctony relief of Neuenheim, Heidelberg, includes several scenes from the deeds of Mithras and other gods.

    TNMM205 – CIMRM 1283

    From Germany

  • Monumentum

    Aion of Arles

    The Aion of Arles includes nine signs of the zodiac in three groups of three, between the spirals of the serpent.

    TNMM148 – CIMRM 879

    From France

  • Monumentum

    Intaglio with Mithras and Abraxas at the Walters Art Museum

    This unusual piece depicts Mithras slaying the bull on one side and the Gnostic god Abraxas on the other.

    TNMM544 – CIMRM 2364

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Two-sided relief from Konjic

    The mithraic relief of Konjic shows a Tauroctony in one side and a ritual meal in the other.

    TNMM259 – CIMRM 1896

    From Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Deo Soli inv[ict]o Meter[ae]
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Ottaviano Zeno

    The relief of Mithras slaying the bull by Ottaviano Zeno is lost, but two tablets of Cautes and Cautopates, which were part of the same ensemble, has been exposed at the Louvre.

    TNMM125 – CIMRM 335

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of the Gran Mitreo de Mérida

    These fragments of a monumental tauroctony found in the Cerro de San Albín must have decorated the Gran Mitreo de Mérida, which has not yet been found.


    From Spain

  • Monumentum

    Mitra de Cabra

    The Mithras of Cabra is the only full preserved Tauroctony sculpture found in Spain yet.

    TNMM136 – CIMRM 771

    From Spain

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony relief of Alba Iulia

    The relief of Mithra slaying the bull from Apulum, Romania, has been missing until the scholar Csaba Szabó identified it in the diposit of the Arad Museum.

    TNMM346 – CIMRM 1938

    From Romania