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The New Mithraeum Database of Turkey

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras from Turkey.
  • Socius

    Peter Mark Adams

    Professional author with a special interest in Greco-Roman ritual and sacred landscapes, art and philosophy.
  • Socius

    Sercan Sarıkaya

    Biologist. WS: Health,Food
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    kamer incedursun

    academic researcher and documentarist
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    Kemal Koçak

  • Monumentum

    Votive plaque from Ballıhisar

    This votive silver plaque depicting Mithras was found at the site of Pessinus, Ballıhisar, in Turkey.


  • Monumentum

    Head of Mithras at Nemrud Dag

    The colossal head has been identified as a solar god, Apollo-Mihr-Mithras-Helios-Hermes.

    TNMM275 – CIMRM 29

  • Mithraeum

    Mount Nemrut Dağı

    Mount Nemrut or Nemrud is one of the highest peaks in the eastern Taurus Mountains, southeastern Turkey. On its summit large statues stand around what is supposed to be a royal tomb from the 1st century BC.

    TNMM79 – CIMRM 28

  • Monumentum

    Mithra's statue in Boztepe Hill

    This eulogy of Saint Eugene of Trapezos tells how, in the time of Diocletian, he and two other Christian fellows destroyed a statue of Mithras.

    TNMM611 – CIMRM 14

  • Monumentum

    Column of Callimorphus

    Callimorphus dedicated this image of the sun god to the invincible sun 'Mythra'.

    TNMM35 – CIMRM 17

    Solem / Soli invicto / Mythrae / pro salute et incolu/mitate / Chresimi Aug(ustorum) / n(ostrorum) dispensatoris / Callimorphus arkar/ius eiusdem / votum solvit / libens animo.