One of the lions mentioned on the Santa Prisca procession fresco.

  • General view of the Mithraeum of Sant Prisca

    General view of the Mithraeum of Sant Prisca 

  • Procession of lions, Santa Prisca

    Procession of lions, Santa Prisca 



His community
at Mitreo di Santa Prisca


Other brothers from Roma

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Fresco of lions at Santa Prisca

The inscription is above a procession of men carrying animals, bread, a crater and other objects that appear to be in preparation for a feast.

Nama Nicephoro leoni; nama Theodoro leoni.
Nama Hel[io]doro leoni; Nama Gelasio leoni; Nama Phoebo leoni.
Tribute to Nicephoros, Lion; Tribute to Theodoros, Lion.
Tribute to Heliodoros, Lion; Tribute to Gelasios, Lion; Tribute to Poebus, Lion.

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