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  • Syndexios


  • Syndexios

    Marcus Ulpius Linus

    Bearer of the imperial standard of Legio XIII Gemina.
  • Syndexios


    Slave who dedicated an altar to Nabarze in the Mithraeum of Sarmizegetusa.
  • Syndexios


    Hyacinthus, like Hermadio, seems to have been one of the profets of Mithraism in the Dacian region.
  • Syndexios


    Account's assistant and slave, Synethus dedicated a Cautopates with a scorpion in Sarmizegetusa.
  • Syndexios


    Freed from two other men, Eutyches dedicated an altar in Apulum to their health.
  • Syndexios

    Titus Aurelius Marcus

    Veteran of the legion XIII and member of the Fabia tribe.