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  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Sî`

    In the tauroctony of Jabal al-Druze in Syria, the snake appears to be licking the head of the bull's penis.

    TNMM389 – CIMRM 88

  • Monumentum

    Fresco ‘City of Darkness’ from Hawarte

    The City of Darkness unique fresco from the Mithraeum of Hawarte shows the tightest links between the western and eastern worship of Mithras in Roman Syria.


  • Monumentum

    Mithras triumphant over the Sun

    Fresco du Mithraeum de Hawarte, Syria, depicts Mithras' victory over the Sun.


  • Liber

    On Mithraism and Freemasonry (1996)

    The fraternal order that focussed on the worship of the ancient Iranian god Mithra was probably formed in Iran, Armenia, and Pontus (the southern coastal region of the Black Sea in eastern Anatolia, present-day Turkey). Travelers and colonists from theseS…
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Absalmos

    The relief depict several unusual scenes from Mithras's myth.


    ἐκ τῶν τοῦ θεοῦ ἐπὶ ̕Αβσάλμου
  • Syndexios


    Soldier of the Legio XVI Flavia Firma Antoniana stationed at Dura Europos.
  • Monumentum

    Inscription to Tourmasgade of Dura Europos

    This inscription by a certain Ioulianos, found at the entrance to the Dolichenum at Dura Europos, bears an inscription to Zeus Helios Mithras et Tourmasgade.

    TNMM661 – CIMRM 70

    Διὶ Ἡλίῳ / Μίθρᾳ άγί/ῳ ὑψίστῳ / ἐπηκόῳ / Τουρμασγά/δη [---] Ἰου/[λιαν-]ὸς στρα(τιώτης) / [λε]γ(εῶνος) ις´ Φ(λαου…
  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Qasr Ibn Wardan

    According to F. Cumont, the Bedouins told a legend from which Nöldeke concluded that the castle of Quasr-ibn-Wardân was a fort with a mithraeum.

    TNMM350 – CIMRM 73

  • Notitia

    Castle and Mithraeum of Zerzevan candidate to World Heritage

    The Temple of Mithras, inside an ancient military settlement, is situated on the eastern border of the Roman Empire.
  • Video

    Reconstructing the Roman Mystery Religion of Mithras

    Our modern understanding of Mithraism, though, depends largely on a few short (and very problematic) literary mentions, mostly written by the cult’s Christian rivals.
  • Syndexios

    Thrasyllus of Mendes

    Thrasyllus was an Egyptian of Greek descent grammarian, astrologer and a friend of the Roman emperor Tiberius.
  • Syndexios

    Antiochus I

    King of the Greco-Iranian Kingdom of Commenage
  • Syndexios


    Danube region can be traced back to the legions that fought under his command in Armenia.
  • Syndexios


    Of Semitic origin, Absalmos has dedicated a tauroctonic relief to Mithras in ancient Syria.
  • Syndexios

    Gaius Sacidius Barbarus

    Centurion who dedicated the first known Latin inscription to the invincible Mithras.
  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Dura Europos

    The most emblematic of the Syrian Mithraea was discovered in 1933 by a team led by the Russian historian Mikhaïl Rostovtzeff.

    TNMM34 – CIMRM 34

  • Monumentum

    Lion-headed Aion from Sidon

    The controversial Italian journalist Edmon Durighello discovered this marble statue of a young naked Aion in 1887.

    TNMM157 – CIMRM 78, 79

    Φλ. Γερόντιος, πατὴρ νόμιμος, ἀνεϑέμην τῷ φ̕ ἔτι.
  • Monumentum

    Hekataion of Sidon

    The Hekataion of Sidon shows a triple Hekate surrounded by three dancing nymphs.

    TNMM305 – CIMRM 84, 85

    Φλ. Γερόντιος, πατὴρ νόμιμος, εὐχαριστῶν τὴν θέον ἀφιερωσάτω φʹ ἔτι.
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Arshawi-Kibar

    This relief of Mithras as bull slayer is surrounded by Cautes and Cautopates with their usual torch plus an oval object.

    TNMM224 – CIMRM 71

  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Sidon

    The Mithraeum of Sidon may have escaped destruction because the Mithras worshippers walled up the entrance to the underground sanctuary.

    TNMM11 – CIMRM 74