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Monuments figurés relatifs aux Mystères de Mithra

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras, his cult and related subjects.
  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo di Santa Prisca

    The Mithraeum of Santa Prisca houses remarkable frescoes showing the initiates in procession.

    TNMM12 – CIMRM 476

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Relief fragment of Ptuj

    Several Mithraic scenes, including Mithras with Saturn, Mithras with Sol and Mithras' Ascension, are depicted on this fragment of a relief from Ptuj.

    TNMM391 – CIMRM 1579

    From Slovenia

  • Monumentum

    Persian plaque from the palace of Darius

    Located at the western entrance to the Palace of Darius in Persepolis, this tablet bears an inscription mentioning Ahuramazda and Mithra.

    TNMM362 – CIMRM 9

    From Iran

  • Monumentum

    Fragments of a column base from Hamadan

    The base of the column bears an inscription that records the rebuilding of a palace at Ectabana 'by the favour of Ahuramaza, Anahita and Mithra'.

    TNMM127 – CIMRM 8

    From Iran

  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Crimea

    The site of Ay-Todor in the Crimea revealed a Roman camp, a temple with votive offerings and a Mithraeum.

    TNMM349 – CIMRM 10

    From Ukraine

  • Monumentum

    Cautopates de Bordeaux

    The Cautopates of Bordeaux stands as usual with his legs crossed and arms down.


    From France

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony 593

    This is the earliest sculpture of Mithras killing the bull known to date.

    TNMM164 – CIMRM 593, 594

    From Italy

    Alcimus T. Cl(audi) Liviani ser(vus) vilic(us) S(oli) M(ithrae) v(otum) s(olvit) d(onum) d(edit)
  • Monumentum

    Cautopates with a hooked stick of Nida

    This Cautopates from Nida carries the usual downward torch in his right hand and a hooked stick in his left.

    TNMM105 – CIMRM 1110

    From Germany

  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Zerzevan

    A Mithraeum was discovered in 2007, during the excavations at the Zerzevan Castle.


    From Turkey

  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Kastos father and son

    Second Mithraic monument dedicated by the Kastos family, found not far from the Arco di S. Lazzaro, in Rome.

    TNMM449 – CIMRM 474

    From Italy

    Διί 'Ηλίω Μίθρα / άνεικήτω Κάστος / πατήρ καί Κάστος / ύιός / ύιός ίερός κόραξ.