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Monuments figurés relatifs aux Mystères de Mithra

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras, his cult and related subjects.
  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Tellius Agatho in Mitreo delle Sette Sfere

    This inscription found in the Mithraeum of the Seven Spheres mentions the Pater Marco Aemiliio Epaphrodito known from other monuments in Ostia.

    TNMM487 – CIMRM 248, 249

    From Italy

    L(ucius) Tullius Agatho / deo Inuicto Soli / Mithrae aram d(ono) d(edit) / eanque (sic) dedicauit ob / honore(m) dei, M(arco) Aemilio / Epaphrodito, patre.
  • Monumentum

    Dipinto in red letters from Dura Europos

    This short dipinto pays homage to the Lions and the Persians, the 4th and 5th Mithraic degrees.

    TNMM613 – CIMRM 58

    From Syria

    [Νά]μα λέουσιν / [ἁβρ ?]οῖς χαὶ Περσέσ/[ιν. .] ἐλεμνοις.
  • Monumentum

    Mosaic of Sette Sfere

    The floor mosaic of the Mithraeum of the Seven Spheres, which gives its name to the temple, depicts a dagger.

    TNMM607 – CIMRM 240

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Graffito from the Mitreo del Cassegiato di Diana

    This graffito seems to be an account of offerings made by Mithras worshippers in the Cassegiato di Diana

    TNMM612 – CIMRM 112

    From Italy

    [-] Alcumus (!) [-] ǀ Ulas [---] ((denarios)) V ǀ Babenus SMAXS ǀ Becton binu(m) ((denarios)) II ǀ Proclus (!) binu(m) ((denarios)) II ǀ Ermes (!) binu(m) ((denarios)) III ǀ Fortuniu(s)...
  • Monumentum

    Mithra's statue in Boztepe Hill

    This eulogy of Saint Eugene of Trapezos tells how, in the time of Diocletian, he and two other Christian fellows destroyed a statue of Mithras.

    TNMM611 – CIMRM 14

    From Turkey

  • Monumentum

    Mosaic of Cautes and Cautopates in the Mitreo delle Sette Sfere

    At the entrance to the Mithraeum of the Seven Sferes, Cautopates holds the torch with both hands and Cautes holds the torch in his right hand and a cock in his left.

    TNMM608 – CIMRM 243

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Bench mosaics of the Mitreo delle Sette Sfere

    Diana-Luna, Mercurius, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars are depicted in the mosaics on the benches of this mithraeuma.

    TNMM609 – CIMRM 241

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Zodiac signs on the Mitreo delle Sette Sfere

    The rich mosaics of the Mithraeum of the Seven Spheres include the the signs of the Zodiac.

    TNMM610 – CIMRM 242

    From Italy

  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo delle Sette Sfere

    The Mithraeum of the Seven Spheres is of great importance for the understanding of the cult, because of its black-and-white mosaics depicting the planets, the zodiac and related elements.

    TNMM9 – CIMRM 239

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Albergo Constanzi

    Only a fragment of this marble group of Mithras killing the bull remains.

    TNMM606 – CIMRM 535, 536

    From Italy

    deum sibi // sua pecunia