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The New Mithraeum Database

Monuments, inscriptions and artefacts related to Mithras and his cult.
  • Monumentum

    Slab of Quintus Claudius from Santiponce

    Recent interpretations link this marble inscription to the cult of the goddess Nemesis.

    TNMM733 – CIMRM 768

    From Spain

    Q(uintus) C(laudius) C.... / D(eo) i(nvicto) S(oli).
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Malaga

    This lost monument from Malaga, Spain, to Dominus Invictus has been linked to the cult of Mithras, although there is not enough evidence.

    TNMM732 – CIMRM 767

    From Spain

    L(ucius) Servilius Supera/tus Domino Invicto / donum libens ani/mo posuit / ara(m) merenti.
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Arshawi-Kibar

    This relief of Mithras as bull slayer is surrounded by Cautes and Cautopates with their usual torch plus an oval object.

    TNMM224 – CIMRM 71

    From Syria

  • Monumentum

    Altars of Dura Europos

    Three plaster altars within the main altar of the Mithraeum of Dura Europos, two of them with traces of fire and cinders.

    TNMM731 – CIMRM 35, 36

    From Syria

  • Monumentum

    Cautes and Cautopates of Sarrebourg

    The base of these sandstone reliefs bears an inscription referring to a certain Marcellius Marianus.

    TNMM730 – CIMRM 968, 969

    From France

    ar / ... marli ... Marc/ellius Maria[nu]s de / suo posuit.
  • Monumentum

    Altar to Semele from Cologne

    This sandstone altar found in Cologne bears an inscription to the goddess Semele and her sisters.

    TNMM729 – CIMRM 1027

    From Germany

    Deae Semelae et / sororibus eiius(!) / deabus ob honorem / sacri matratus / Reginia Paterna / mater nata et / facta aram po/suit / sub sacerdotal(i) / Seranio Catullo / patre.
  • Monumentum

    Petrogeny with a sheaf of wheat of Cologne

    In this relief of the rock birth of Mithras, the child sun god holds a bundle of wheat in his left hand instead of the usual torch.


    From Germany

  • Monumentum

    Head of Mithras of Cologne

    This marble head of Mithras was found in the Luxemburgerstrasze in Cologne, Germany.

    TNMM727 – CIMRM 1022

    From Germany

  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Cimber and Exsocho from Cologne

    This monument with an inscription by two individuals was found in the first mithraeum of Cologne, Germany.

    TNMM726 – CIMRM 1021

    From Germany

    Have / Cimber es(sedarius) et / Pietas Ensocho / essed(ario) sodali / [b]ene merenti / [pos]uit. Vale. {H}Ave / Cimber es(sedarius) et / Pietas Exsocho / essed(ario) sodali / [be]ne merenti / [pos]…
  • Mithraeum

    Mithräum I von Köln

    The Mithraeum I of Cologne is situated amid a block of buildings. It was impossible to narrowly determine its construction and lay-out.

    TNMM352 – CIMRM 1018

    From Germany