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Monuments tagged with chiton

Mithraic monuments, temples and other objects related to Mithras and tagged with chiton.

Your search chiton in monuments gave 208 results.

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  • Monumentum

    Cautes and Cautopates of Sarrebourg

    The base of these sandstone reliefs bears an inscription referring to a certain Marcellius Marianus.

    TNMM730 – CIMRM 968, 969

    From France

    ar / ... marli ... Marc/ellius Maria[nu]s de / suo posuit.
  • Monumentum

    Cultic mithraic vase of Zeughausstraße

    The Mithraic vase from Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium in Germany includes Sol-Mithras between Cautes and Cautopates, as well as a serpent, a lion …

    TNMM378 – CIMRM 1020

    From Germany

  • Monumentum

    Portable tauroctony of Vienna

    This small white marble relief of Mithras as a bullkiller was found in the Botanical Gardens of Vienna in 1950.

    TNMM724 – CIMRM 1650

    From France

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Palazzo Mattei di Giove

    This relief of Mithras as a bullkiller, probably found in Rome, has been part of the Palazzo Mattei collection since at least the end of the 18th cent…

    TNMM721 – CIMRM 534

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Toronto

    This relief of Mithras killing the bull is on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.

    TNMM719 – CIMRM 606

  • Monumentum

    Torchbearer restored as Paris

    This sculpture, probably of Cautopates, now in the Musei Vaticani, was transformed into Paris.

    TNMM718 – CIMRM 507

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Santa Prisca

    Even if only a few fragments remain, it is very likely that the main niche of the Mitreo di Santa Prisca contained the usual representation of Mithras…

    TNMM717 – CIMRM 479

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Capri

    It is not certain that the marble relief of Mithras killing the bull was found on Capri, in the cave of Matromania, where a Mithraeum could have been …

    TNMM715 – CIMRM 172

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Painted tauroctony of Rome

    This unusual mural depicting Mithras killing the bull was found near the Colosseum in 1668.

    TNMM714 – CIMRM 337

    From Italy

  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of Ruše

    This relief of Mithras tauroctonus and other finds were discovered in 1845 in Ruše, where a Mithraeum probably existed.

    TNMM710 – CIMRM 1447, 1448

    From Slovenia

    M(arcus) Porcius / Verus / proc(urator) Aug(usti) / me / pos/uit.