Photo: Andreu Abuín


The right wall of the foremost part of the Mithraeum is divided by red lines in four (originally eight ?) panels in each of which is represented a standing or walking person; the figures turned to the cult-niche.

In the two upper panels:
a) standing person in short yellow tunic with red bands. In his hand he holds a red cloth (flammeum). Head and shoulders lost (Nymphus).
b) Walking person in the same dress with upraised left hand in which some yellow traces are visible (ears ?) (Perses). Both persons are standing on a green soil.

In the lower panels:
c) walking bearded person in short tunic and small cap. In his upraised r.h. a torch (Leo).
d) Upper part of a person, looking back. His l.h. is outstretched without torch.