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Fructus was the slave who paid for the erection of the Mitreo del Sabazeo in Ostia.

  • The Mithras's shrine seen from the west.

    The Mithras's shrine seen from the west.
    SAOA B3141 

  • Mosaic of Fructus

    Mosaic of Fructus / Eric Taylor 

of Fructus

TNMP 113

Arpocras had the exedra made, Fructus donated the mosaic between the benches; both may have been slaves. L. Aemilius Eusc(– – –) fulfilled his vow to the Iuppiter Sabazius; the mithraeum of the beginning of the 3rd century, located in a part of a horreum, owes its modern name to this consecration.


Mosaic of Fructus from the Mitreo del Sabazeo

TNMM 490

The mosaic bears an inscription indicating the name of the owner.

Fruc[tus ?] / (s)uis in/pendis / consum/mavit.
Fructus, at its own expense, has accomplished [this].



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