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Gaius Lucretius Mnester

Assistant magister.

of Gaius Lucretius Mnester

  • Gaius Lucretius Mnester was a brother.
  • Active c. 2nd – 3rd century in Roma, Latium (Italia).


Altars found near Santa Maria in Monticelli

These three small marble altars mention the 'magister of the first year' Marcus Aemilius Chrysanthus and other members of the same community.

TNMM 463

Deo / invicto / Mithrae / C(aius) Lucretius Mnester / M(arcus) Aemilius Philetus / summag(istri) anni primi / M(arcus) Aemili Chrysanti / d(e) s(uo) d(onum) d(ederunt).

Orienti / Fructus Ponti (servus) / cum Myrone [f(ilio)] / sub M. Aemilio / Chrysantho / mag(istro) anni primi.

Soli / invicto / M. Aemilius / M(arcorum duorum) l(ibertus) Chrysanthus / mag(ister) anni primi et / M. Limbricius Polides / dec(urio) et sodalicio eius / d(e) (suo) d(onum) d(ederunt).
To the invincible god Mithras, Caius Lucretius Mnester, Marcus Aemilius Philetus, assistant masters of the first year of Marcus Aemilius Chrysantus, at their own expense, offered this gift.

In the East, Fructus, slave of Pontus, with [his] son Myro, under the orders of Marcus Aemilius Chrysanthus, master (magister) of the first year.

To Sol invincible, Marcus Aemilius Chrysanthus, freedman of the two Marcus, master of the first year and Marcus Limbricius Polides, decurion and member of his college, at their own expense, offered a gift.



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