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Flavius Antistianus

Pater patrorum of equestrian rank, he was a prominent figure in the Mithraic sphere in Rome.

of Flavius Antistianus

TNMP 245

Flavius Antistianus was a prominent figure in the Roman Mithraic cult. He held the distinguished title of pater patrum, suggesting his considerable influence and authority within the Mithraic community. Beyond his religious stature, the title vir egregius denotes his position in the equestrian order, one of the upper echelons of Roman society.

Archaeological evidence links Antistianus to a mithraeum near Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, which was destroyed during the construction of the Palazzo Nuovo. The legacy of Flavius Antistianus is emblematic of the intertwining of religious devotion and social status in ancient Rome.



Inscription of Flavius Antistianus from Rome

TNMM 713

This inscription was dedicated to God Cautes by a certain Flavius Antistianus, Pater Patrorum in Rome.

Deo Caute / Flavius Antistianus / v(ir) e(gregius) de decem primis pater patrum.
To the god Cautes, Flavius Antistianus, a distinguished man among the first ten, Pater Patrorum.



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