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  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo della domus dei capitelli

    Archaeologists discovered the 20th temple dedicated to Mithras in Ostia during the restoration of the domus del capitello di stucco in 2022.


  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo del Palazzo Imperiale

    A mosaic of Silvanus, dated to the time of Commodus, was found in a niche in a nearby room of the Mithraeum in the Imperial Palace at Ostia.

    TNMM97 – CIMRM 250, 251

    Soli invict(o) Mit(hrae) d(onum) d(edit) L. Agrius Calendio.
  • Syndexios

    Sextus Pompeius Maximus

    Pater Patrum of Ostia, he officiated at the Mitreo Aldobrandini where he is mentioned in a couple of inscriptions.
  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Hermes to Silvanus

    This inscription, found in the Mitreo della Planta Pedis, among some other monuments in Ostia, suggests a link between Mithras and Silvanus.

    TNMM626 – CIMRM 276

    Silvano / sancto / sacrum / Hermes / M. Iuli Eunici.
  • Monumentum

    Cautes and Cautópates of Palazzo Imperiale

    The sculptures of Cautes and Cautopates from the Mitreo del Palazzo Imperiale may have been reused from an older mithraeum in Ostia.

    TNMM143 – CIMRM 254, 255

    C(aius) Caelius / Ermeros / ant/istes huius lo/ci fecit sua / pec(unia). Posit(a)e XV k(alendas) / febr(u)arias / Q(uinto) Iunio Rus/tico / L(ucio) Plaut[io] / Aquilin[o] / co[(n)s(ulibus)].
  • Monumentum

    Tauroctony of the Cortile del Belvedere

    The Tauroctony relief of Mithras killing the bull walled in the Cortile of the Belvedered, Vatican City, was found by Fagan near Ostia.

    TNMM363 – CIMRM 321

  • Monumentum

    Cippus of Antoninus from Ostia

    This small white marble cippus bears an inscription of a certain Pater Antoninus to Cautes.

    TNMM740 – CIMRM 270, 317

    A(ulus) Aemi/lius An/toninu[s] / pater / Cauti. [An]tonin[us] / pater / Cauti.
  • Monumentum

    Basin of Mitreo della Planta Pedis

    This marble basin found in the Mithraeum of the Footprint bears an inscription of a certain Umbilius Criton, associated with a monumental tauroctonic sculpture also found in Ostia.

    TNMM531 – CIMRM 275

    [In]victo Mithrae d(onum) d(edit) M(arcus) Umbilius Criton sum Pyladen vil[ico].
  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo della Planta Pedis

    The floor of the central aisle of the Mithraeum of the Footprint in Ostia has a mosaic depicting a snake and a footprint.

    TNMM94 – CIMRM 272

  • Monumentum

    Inscriptions of Caseggiato di Diana

    This marble slab found near the Casa de Diana in Ostia bears two inscription with several names of brothers of a same community

    TNMM488 – CIMRM 223

    [M. Lollia]no Callinico / [patre Pe]tronius Felix / [Marsus sign]um deo / [donum] ded(it) / . . . atus xinu . . . / fecit. M. M. Caer[ellius Hiero]/nimus et C[allinic]/us sacerdo[tes et antisti]/es…