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Castle and Mithraeum of Zerzevan candidate to World Heritage

The Temple of Mithras, inside an ancient military settlement, is situated on the eastern border of the Roman Empire.


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from The New Mithraeum


    The Father of Mithras

    It is well known that Mithras was born from a rock. However, less has been written about the father of the solar god, and especially about how he conceived him.


    Mithras in Hispania

    On the occasion of the discovery of a Mithraeum in Cabra, Spain, we talk to Jaime Alvar, a leading figure in the field of Mithraism. With him, we examine the testimonies known to date and the peculiarities of the cult of Mithras in Hispania.


    Let's talk about Mithras with Yolanda De Iuliis

    Yolanda's multimedia dissertation focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that motivate Mithras worshippers. Her work includes a podcast entitled Conversations about Mithras.


    Mapping Roman sanctuaries

    The Digital Atlas of Roman Sanctuaries in the Danubian Provinces (DAS) is the first comprehensive and open access representation of sacralised spaces in the area.

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Some places to visit

  • Mithraeum of Zerzevan

    A Mithraeum was discovered in 2007, during the excavations at the Zerzevan Castle.

  • Mitreo di Ponza

    The Mithraeum of Ponza was discovered in 1866. It contained the remains of a zodiac investigated by Vermaseren in 1989.

  • La grotta del Mitreo

    The site was destroyed in the 5th century but some elements, including the benches, can still been seen.

  • Mithraeum of St. Egyden

    The 'Mithraic cave' in the Gradische/Gradišče massif near St. Egidio contained vessels decorated with snakes and the remains of chicken bones and other animals that were consumed during Mithraic ceremonies.



Comments from visitors

Laura Thomas

Where is the Mithraeum relative to Herod's temple, the amphitheatre or some other isgnificant landma...

on Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima


Pattie Lawler

I appreciate this article as it spawned and actual (gasp!) conversation on the facebook group.

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas


Jorge Gallo

hello @dominique.


Vito Quattrocchi

On a tour of Caesarea Maritima, I got the opportunity to step inside the Mithraeum.

on Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima



Look at that the satisfaction of that man who's showing that discover during the time the sanctuar o...

on Head of Mithras from the Mithraeum of Angers


Robert Fritzius

According to Robert J. Bull (February 2011) this Mithraeum has been demolished.

on Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima


Kathy Carey

I participated in the Combined Caesarea Expeditions for three weeks in 1993.

on Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima


Stephen Chappell

You might be interested in a digital reconstruction that I did of the 2nd c.

on Tauroctony of Santa Maria Capua Vetere


Dominique PERSOONS

Danuvius stele a C. Szabo mihi extraordinarius videtur. Accurate pictum videre vellem.



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