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From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas

Twelve centuries separate the decline of Roman Mithraism from the dawn of Freemasonry. Twelve centuries during which the mysteries of Mithras have remained more secret than ever.


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from The New Mithraeum


    The Father of Mithras

    It is well known that Mithras was born from a rock. However, less has been written about the father of the solar god, and especially about how he conceived him.


    Mithras in Hispania

    On the occasion of the discovery of a Mithraeum in Cabra, Spain, we talk to Jaime Alvar, a leading figure in the field of Mithraism. With him, we examine the testimonies known to date and the peculiarities of the cult of Mithras in Hispania.


    Let's talk about Mithras with Yolanda De Iuliis

    Yolanda's multimedia dissertation focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that motivate Mithras worshippers. Her work includes a podcast entitled Conversations about Mithras.


    Mapping Roman sanctuaries

    The Digital Atlas of Roman Sanctuaries in the Danubian Provinces (DAS) is the first comprehensive and open access representation of sacralised spaces in the area.

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Some places to visit

  • Mithraeum of Nush-i Jan

    The Nushijan Mithraeum testifies to the worship of Mithra in the region since before the Zoroastrian reform.

  • Mitreo dels Munts

    The Mithraeum of Els Munts, near Tarragona, is one of the biggest known, together with the Mitreo delle terme di Caracalla.

  • Mitreo di Angera

    The Mithraeum of Angera (or Wolf's Den as this cave is popularly called) is the only temple devoted to Mithras known to date in Lombardy.

  • Mitreo della Crypta Balbi

    The Mithraeum of the Crypta Balbi was locted in the middle of a densely populated insula near the theatre of Cornelius Balbus.



Comments from visitors

Dominique PERSOONS

hello, what does symbolize this huge spher with a crown over? I believe resurrection of the soul .


Andreu Abuín

I recently had the opportunity to visit the remains of this mithraeum.

on Mitreo dels Munts


Chris Huff

On the York Tauroctony from C.

on Tauroctony of York


Sukey Jessup

I’d be grateful for some advice as I’m hoping to visit the exhibition in Frankfurt.


Jorge Gallo

If you want definitive proof that Mithraism was different in every corner of the empire, just read t...


Ton van Reen

As far as I can find the CIMRM number of this one is: 1083 and not 606.

on Tauroctony from the Mithräum von Heddernheim


Esfand Behr

Thank you for sharing your observation and perspective.



I had this stone in front of me yesterday in the Xanten archaeological park and was overwhelmed...

on Altar of Kalkar


Franzo Moss

great article, you should put it on the main page, Jorge! thanks...



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