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  • Monumentum

    The Acosolium of the Mysteries in the Hypogeum of Vibia

    The epigrahy includes a mention of Marcus Aurelius, a priest of the god Sol Mithras, who bestowed joy and pleasure on his students.


    Dis pater Aeracura // Fata divina // Mercurius / nuntius // Vibia Alcestis // Abreptio Vibi(a)es(!) et discensio // Septe(m) pii sacerdotes // Vincentius // Bonorum iudicio iudicati // Vibia //s quoib…
  • Monumentum

    Mithraic slab from the catacombs of Vibia

    This inscription was commissioned by a family of priests of the invincible god Mithras.


    D(is) [M(anibus)]. / Sanct(a)e adquae pẹṛaenni (sic) bon(a)e me/moriae viṛis Aureliị(s) F̣austiniano patri / et Castricio fratri, sacerdotibus dii (sic) Solis / Invicti Mit(h)rae. (H)eredes a…
  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Septimius Archelaus

    This marble plaque was made by a Pater and priest Lucius Septimius Archelaus of Mithras for him, his wife and his freedmen and freedwomen.

    TNMM453 – CIMRM 511

    D(is) M(anibus) / L. Septimius Aug(ustorum trium) lib(ertus) Archelaus / pater et sacerdos invicti / Mithrae domus Augustanae / fecit sibi et Cosiae Primitivae / coniugi benemerenti libertis liberta/b…
  • Monumentum

    Inscription on the base of a statue from Stabiae

    This inscription on white marble by Lucius Gavidius uses the term ther cultores to refer to his Mithraic community in Stabiae, Italy.


    Aug(usto) s[a]crum. / L. Gavidius A[…]t[…] / cultoribus dei M[i]thr[ae] / donum d(edit) d(edicavit) li[b(ens) me]r(ito).
  • Syndexios

    Lucius Gavidius

    He dedicated to the Emperor, for the worshipers of the god Mithras a sculpture in Stabiae.
  • Monumentum

    Mithraic brooch of Ostia

    In the Mithraic bronze brooch found in Ostia, Cautes and Cautopates have been replaced by a nightingale and a cock.

    TNMM369 – CIMRM 318

  • Monumentum

    Fragments of a Mithriac relief with Jupiter and Sol

    These three fragments of carved marble depict Jupiter, Sol, Luna and a naked man wearing a Phrygian cap, with inscriptions calling Mithras Sanctus Dominum.

    TNMM594 – CIMRM 332, 333

    [Domi]no sanct[o / o]ptimo maxim[o / sa]lutari iussu eius / libens dedit / [M(arcus)] Modius Ag/[atho] cum / [suis pro Faus]to / pat[rono]. Dedit M. Modius [Agatho] / sancto domino / invicto Mithra…
  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo di Piazza della Navicella

    Several fragmentary Mithraic remains dedicated by a certain Agatho in the Caelius suggest that a Mithraeum existed in the area.

    TNMM595 – CIMRM 327

  • Monumentum

    Relief of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva

    This marble relief bears an inscription by Marcus Modius Agatho, who dedicated several monuments to Mithras on the Caelian Hill in Rome.

    TNMM597 – CIMRM 328, 329

    Opt[i]mus maximus / Caelus aeternus Iup[i]/ter Iunoni Reginae / Minervae iussus liben[s] / dedit pro salutem suam / M(arcus) Modius Agatho et pr[o] / Fausti patroni hominis s(ancti?) / et Helpidis sua…
  • Monumentum

    Altar with Minerva and a water god

    According to the inscription on it, this altar probably supported a statue of Jupiter.

    TNMM596 – CIMRM 330, 331

    Iovi optimo maximo / caelestino fontibus et / Minervae et collegio / sanctissimo quod consis/tit in praedis Larci / Macedonis. / In curia. / Flavius Successus cum suis.